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    offertwo different options

    – Friendly (indicated for privates) dinners – family parties – weddings etc…)

    – Professional for restaurants – Club etc…



    Friendly Plan

    For my experience the most part of persons have troubles to organize a menù.

    They don’t know how to “match-up” different dishes, where and what buy … is hard to calculate the quantities of food…. in the end they spend a lot of time and money for get a tin-pot dinner….

    I can help you to organize your menù for make your events unique but also easy and fun!

    Every event is unique so I can’t prepare menù “turnkey” so you need to contact me The form (you need to click on the link for down load) includes some of most important questions.

    Completes it and send it to me…is a good point to start!




    Professional Plan

    Most of the italian restaurants, out of Italy, are open from “not italian” and the chefs have learned to prepare the italian dishes … “on the books” …. Never they have the fortune to taste the “authentic and traditional” dishes or the local products….

    So I can understand how can be hard to prepare an authentic italian meal.

    I help to plan the menù, to create a perfect combination of ingredients balancing the products with a cost.