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Affiliate marketing as well as a very popular method of generating an extra income. 

Our program it’s a brilliant way to monetize existing websites and your social accounts.

You have full control over the affiliate links, you can control how many contacts have used your links, what they have bought and how much you have earned

It’s a great business option for you?

Read on to find out

Step 1:

Apply to our affiliate program

Step 2:

Your application will be reviewed within 7 days and we’ll notify you of your new affiliate account

Step 3:

Share your new affiliate links with your contacts by email, website or social media

Step 4:

Enjoy from 5% to 15% of every cooking class sale


I’m going to list the reasons that will help you choose

Frequently asked questions:

  • We pay 5% across all of our online courses
  • We pay 15% across all of our courses in person
  • You earn from any future  courses
  • As 60% of our customer will return to buy at LEAST one more course this can be quite interesting for you
  • If someone purchases a course using your affiliate link you will be immediately notified via email. You can login to your affiliate portal at anytime to see how much commission you have owing and the status of your payouts.
  • We pay affiliate commissions once per month in the first week of the month, for any sales made in the months prior which are outside of their refund period, however always after the course has taken place.
  • The ammount can either be paid to a PayPal account of your choice or if requested by you scaled by the purchase of other courses.
  • Simply fill out this form. We’ll review your details and get back to you if you’re successful.
  • Usually we review your application and set up your account very quickly. However, this can take up to 7 days.
  • Our customers are small businesses. If you have an audience or large network of people who you think would benefit from our courses, or programs, then chances are you’d be a great fit!
  • You can promote when you want and if you want to supply our links to your clients or friends that’s totally ok by us.
  • However, our reputation is very important to us. When marketing our business we ask that you are not spammy or disrespectful in the frequency you are telling people about our products
  • We reserve the right to terminate affiliate accounts effective immediately who we believe are acting in a spammy way.

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