Italian cooking class Gluten Free

Italian cooking class Gluten Free

Gluten-free without problems, safe, easy and above all very tasty!
How can you think of Italian cuisine without being able to savor fresh pasta, succulent ravioli, lasagna or fragrant bread and without forgetting the creamy Gelato or Tiramisu …
can not be done! and that is why even if you cannot eat gluten, you can enjoy these delights and you can also prepare them at home!
The added value of this class and what makes it unique is the presence of the chef specialized in gluten free.
He eliminates all chemical preparations and learns to use natural gluten-free ingredients such as rice flour, corn flour, buckwheat.
You will learn how to cook in a healthy and tasty way.
No more separate lunches or guests who “turn up their noses” because everything will be so good and safe for you, that even the most difficult will enjoy your dishes.

The course is private to ensure maximum safety in terms of contamination.
The menus are customizable according to your tastes

Sample Menu

  1. Bruschetta, gluten-free bread to prepare many many Brueschetta
  2. Gluten free focaccia (flat bread)
  3. Savory pies, savory pies with vegetables or meat that you will prepare from scratch with natural ingredients and guaranteed gluten-free
  4. Fresh tagliatelle, from scratch, with natural gluten-free flours and any sauce you request
  5. RAVIOLI, from scratch, with natural gluten-free flours and any seasoning and filling you request
  6. Meatballs, meatballs but not only with meat, vegetables, fish, chicken …
  8. Tiramisu
  9. Tarts
  10. Gelato




  • Small group (maximum number 10)
  • Hand-on cookign class from scratch
  • Authentic home kitchen
  • Professional Chef Specialized and with ministerial authorization for gluten free food
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Guaranteed gluten free ingredients
  • Fun


  • Water
  • Wine Tasting
  • Hands-on cooking class
  • Recipes
  • Professional chef Specialized and with ministerial authorization for gluten-free food
  • Insurance

For children younger than eight years old, forward the request for authorization before making the reservation
If you will not be asked to authorize the management reserves the right not to involve children in the tour without any reimbursement
Unfortunately, for vegan guests you can not prepare this dinner

Additional information

Food intollerance

Alchool, Cheese, Gluten, No intollerance or allergy, Nuts

Time of class

Morning start 10.00, Afternoon start at 17.00


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