De Medici family, Caterina and Zuccotto dessert

caterina de medici

Imagine a “dome” of soft sponge cake tinted with fire red that hides inside a soft filling of cold cream and ricotta flavored with citrus peel, almonds and chocolate beans …. The zuccotto the first semifreddo that was invented for Caterina de Medici (1519/1589)Also called “Catherine’s helmet” because following the legend it was prepared for […]

Brunelleschi, Dome and Peposo stew

view of Duomo in Florence

The protagonist of the history of today is the dome of the Duomo and Peposo stew.In the 1400 people believe the cathedral was never going to be completed: a huge hole of 165 feet had to be covered with the biggest dome ever made by a man. The competition was held in 1418 and it […]