Private virtual cooking class on screen

Technical Requirements and kitchen prep

You are visiting this website, so you probably have everything you need to start!

We will connect to you though Skype or alternatives in an online video conference, with simple tools than anyone can use.

To connect with us you will need to verify the following:


  1. A good internet connection – Wi-Fi works fine most of time but a wired connection will offer optimal results. We use High Definition Cameras to offer HD video quality. To make sure you can enjoy HD quality you can check your connection speed by visiting Try it now!  Recommended speeds for OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE are as follows: Minimum download / upload speed 1.2Mbps / 1.2Mbps, Reccommended 1.5Mbps / 1.5Mbps
  2. Electronic stuff – The best choice is a laptop with built-in camera – it’s perfect. If you don’t have a laptop, an iPad or any tablet with a good quality camera will work.
  3. I have only a smartphone – Here, the problem is the width of your device. On a phone screen details of recipes can become really hard to see. You can try to work around the problem if you have a Smart TV or an Apple TV: Those can “mirror” your smartphone. If you have an Android phone or an Apple phone, please consider it as a last resort.
  4. You need to have the last version of Skype software installed in your computer or device. New on Skype? Take a look here. You can download the last version of Skype for free here. Why Skype? Because it is a product well known in the world and for many years on the market, it offers safety and stability. We are also available to use different programs that you prefer to use, just let us know in time.
  5. Skype how to videos:  for Windows 10for Apple computers– for Android tablet-
  6. At least 15 minutes before the lesson starts, you need to prepare the necessary tools and have all of the ingredients ready. This will allow us more time for the lesson.
  7. For any question contact us at


Not sure about…

The quality of our internet connections, the video definition of our video call or you simply don’t know us and you’re naturally a little wary

No-risk, 100% satisfaction Guarantee if during the lesson something does not satisfy you and we cannot agree to resolve this we will return the full amount spent excluding expenses if they are present.

virtual cooking classes for family
Find us in Via Romana 43r in the Oltrarno neighborhood of Florence, between Piazza Pitti and Boboli Gardens.

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